Are you looking to host a holiday party or team builder?


Do it with art! Here at A Colorful Universe, we have had the privilege to host events with several businesses in the Southern California area.  Here is how it works:

Step One: Choose your date, time, and location! Give us a call at (760)-761-0476 to ensure that we have a spot available for you. You can host your event at our location or any location of your choice! Outside food and beverages are welcome! 

Step Two: Choose your medium of Art! A Colorful Universe offers pottery and canvas. Check out the details below. 


Get step-by-step painting instructions on one of our images shown at the bottom of the page (custom images require at least a two week in advance notice). For $25 per painter, A Colorful Universe will provide all painting supplies. Once you are done with your paintings, you and your coworkers can take them home! If this is done at your location, please note that we use acrylic paints for canvas and that it does stain. Aprons are provided


Prices may vary depending on the pieces you pick out for your team builder. We have a wide selection of mugs, bowls, plates, figurines, and home goods you can choose from. Call A Colorful Universe to confirm your pieces. All supplies are provided. Once you are finished painting, A Colorful Universe will glaze and fire your pieces. Once they are fired (about a one week process), you can pick all of the pieces up at our location or for an extra $20, we can drop them off at your location. 


Step Three: Reserve your spot! Once you get your time, date, location, and  medium of art in mind, book by calling us! A $50 host fee for our location or any location within a 15 mile radius will be charged. Occasionally, there will be a need for a second host. If there are more than 18 participants, a second host will be needed therefore an additional $50 will be charged. If the location is out of the 10 mile radius, gas charges will be applied.  

Step Four: Payment! After your event, we will charge you the cost per item times the number of participants. We will also included any extra costs for hosts, drop off, or gas fees that may have been applied. Please have a check or card ready. We can send over an invoice after the event upon request.